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It’s funny how your appreciation of a piece of art changes once you know more about the artist’s inspiration for that piece. I watched a wonderful BBC Four documentary about Delius last night. I knew very little about Delius before the programme, and although I had heard a few of his pieces and liked them, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of his repertoire. The documentary made me think that I should certainly seek out more of his work: he was a fascinating character (if not always a likeable person), and his music was rather avant-garde for the time.

At the end of the programme, I remembered that Kate Bush had a piece about Delius on her album ‘Never For Ever’. Listening to it now, with more knowledge, two things struck me: first, Kate did a magnificent job of capturing the sensuous feel of ‘To Be Sung of a Summer Night on the Water’ and ‘Song of Summer’ without making it a pastiche, and second, that Delius himself might have approved and rather liked it. I think that they probably have a certain kind of musical sensibility in common, despite their differences.

Thinking about it, ‘Night Scented Stock’ (one of my favourite tiny gems) could also be inspired by the work of Delius.

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This is beautiful. You should really watch/listen to this

Geeky AND beautiful music. This is both amazing and great!

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I’ve loved this song for a while (particularly for Eliza Carthy’s wonderful voice, but also for the 1950s ‘spacey’ sounds), but this compilation of women in sci-fi TV shows and films makes it even better. You can have fun spotting the clips, too. I was glad to see some Blake 7 clips as well as Farscape.


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Professor Elemental - Cup of Brown Joy

A delightful Chap Hop ode to the joy of tea. “When I say Ooo/You say Long!” I like Chap Hop.

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The Maytals - Monkey Man (via minknx)

Need cheering up? I know I do, and this track is just the thing to do it. Put it on loud and bounce around like a big kid. You know you want to.

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I am very fond of The Wurzels. They have been going forever, and they seem to have an absolute blast when they perform. Bonus points to them for deflating any pretentious hipsterism by appending a series of “Ooo Arrr Ooo Arrr’s” on the end of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby” chorus.

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Very cool in all kinds of ways: loading code onto an Apple //e using the audio out of an iPad. And the ASCII music video rocks.

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I was listening to an album of music played on Medieval instruments (by Sym) and suddenly remembered the music used in the trailer for the BBC Four Medieval Minds series. Here is Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’ arranged for rackett, tef, shawm, rebec, viol and recorder. The graphics aren’t half bad, either. If they made a whole album of covers like this, I’d buy it like a shot.

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Caught this on The Transatlantic Sessions last week and was captivated by it. He sings with so much feeling and conviction, and it’s a brilliant, deeply melancholy song. Having so many talented musicians joining in doesn’t hurt either.

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A consolatory song for those of you out there who have faced the pain and mental anguish of opening a new tub of margarine, only to find that you have an open tub already. In John’s immortal words, “It’s a nightmare scenario”.

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