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In NYC you HAVE to ride your bike in the bike lane. At all times. Or you’ll face a $50 fine.

This guy is pretty brave. I think if I was planning to crash into all the obstacles in the bike lane, I would at least wear long trousers, not shorts. Kudos to him for making the point.

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Just a handful of minutes behind came mountain biker, who may have won had the course involved any sudden descents through woodland, but on the day arrived late and panting. Mere moments later came a grinning granny-bike dawdler, pulling up at the finish line slowly, but as fresh as a daisy. Once you factor in the time taken to get showered and changed it seems that the tortoise really is faster than the hare. For front door to desk speed, the dawdler took the gong.

That’s my argument: I do have showers available at work, but then I’d need to bring a change of clothes, towel and so forth in, and that’s just a kerfuffle. I also like to smell the roses, take photographs and generally enjoy the view when I commute.

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